Maine families deserve to be represented in their government. The voices, concerns, and interests of Maine Families must come first before those of special interest lobbies.

All too often, legislative committee rooms are filled with lobbyists paid to be there while the Maine people ‘seem’ to be absent. Legislators lose sight of the fact that they are servants of the people…. Elected to speak for us in our absence. All too often, legislators defer to the authority of the lobbyists, paid by special interests, and vote according to the forces of lobbyists rather than the people.

The greatest burdens to Maine Families are, 1) Opportunity to earn wages that support family values and, 2) Rising property taxes. Over the past several decades, family income has declined while the cost of everything else has skyrocketed. Our state legislature has done little more than learn to manage with less and less. The problem with this trend is that in the end, you end up with nothing.

We have suffered economic recession after economic recession. We witnessed a housing crisis that was preceded by a jobs crisis caused by the loss of industry to NAFTA-like trade deals negotiated behind closed doors. If our state legislature cannot speak for us on these issues… problems born in Washington but dumped on us at home, who will? Who can? Our state government does not exist simply to regulate our lives. It is charged with securing our liberty and prosperity every bit as much as our federal government. Sadly, however, the state legislature has declined to speak for us on such issues. Instead, it talks down to us while we continue to face rising property taxes and job losses.

Voting is but one way for citizens to express their desires about the direction of government. As we vote, one party or the other takes power but few changes, if any, are made in favor of families. Our political system has been reduced to ping-pong as we bounce back and forth and never leave the table celebrity gossip except by error.

Change only occurs when we muster up the courage to break from a broken tradition of dependency on a two-party system that has clearly failed us. If the future is going to assume a new course, it will be because you march in a new direction.  For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must take to that march now. Establishing a Maine Families Party, with your support, will break the stranglehold on government and permit it to reflect an image in character with the people who empower it…

Join me in this effort. Regardless of where you live, help me to build a Maine Families Party. If you live in the district, add Families party to your voter registration card. Your Registrar will tell you there is no Families Party but you will know it’s coming!

Dear Friends… and friends of friends… Democrats, Republicans and Independents ~

Your portion of power is what makes America workExercise it differently and watch the world change in 2014!

I know it is quite early in the world of politics to announce a bid for elected office. However, this world has changed over the past few years due to Supreme Court decisions making money equal to speech.

I grew up in a world where we believed that the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution protected the speech of citizens… real live people just like you and I. Today, it is not simply the ideas of citizens that is considered speech but money, too. The cost associated with running a campaign for a seat in the state senate is high… more than most of us could afford to spend on such an endeavor without undermining the financial status of our families. This, however, should not keep us from running for office and having our voices resonate in the chambers of state politics.

Money is not the only form of currency available to us. In fact, face-to-face, voice-to-voice, Facebook page-to-Facebook page is a powerful form of currency still protected by the 1st Amendment and readily available to a great number of us.

For this reason I am announcing now my bid for the seat of State Senate District 34. I have run five campaigns in my years. Two have been successful… while the others have been an uphill battle. I’m running as an Independent and also making efforts to build a Maine Families Party. For too long we have listened to both political parties promise to represent the values of families and at the same time we have watched as the jobs necessary to support families have continued to go overseas. If there is one thing absolutely essential to the fabric of a family and the communities in which they live, it is an opportunity to earn a living and ensure a brighter future for our children. Regardless of promises made, these opportunities have continued to shrink rather than grow.

The most pressing issue for me as your state senator will be to build an alliance with other state legislatures and force the federal government to revise trade agreements that steal from us the opportunity to earn and provide for ourselves and our families. Please join me in this fight. Use Facebook to connect with me… visit my website: and share your ideas. Participate in the process of making your state senate look and sound more like you, your family and friends. Message me on Facebook and share your thoughts.

How can you help?

1)      If you live in the district, you can sign my nomination petition when the time comes… I will be posting updates on my website regarding. The website also has a link which will let you know if you reside in this district.

2)      I will need to raise money… preferably a large number of $5.00 checks made payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund. Again, the website will give updates regarding when this should happen… state law dictates when fund raising can begin.

3)      Start Facebook discussion about the importance of building a coalition of citizens within the ten towns that comprise Senate District 34 (the website identifies the towns).

4)      Message me on face book with your name and contact info or send it via e-mail. I can also be reached at home – 207-698-1526

I can be reached by e-mail at Let’s start the process now and ensure the win later.

Please see the Mouseland video on the Links page for more on the two-party monopoly.